Digital Market Trends

September 2017 – Italy – Switzerland – Eastern Europe 1. Why it is important to understand the trends The development of the digital market is uncertain as business models are different and evolve. In addition, investment / cost structure in the digital market differs significantly from the physical market. Investment in technology is a much higher […]

Progression Search joins CSA!

May 2017 – The Netherlands. Singapore based Progression Search, an Technology B2B SaaS/Cloud headhunting agency, has teamed up with the leading network of independent headhunting IT agencies: Continental Search Alliance, a.k.a. CSA. With the presence of Progression Search in its ranks, CSA adds APAC as a key region to cover the recruitment of the most […]

Counter Offers: Do they help or hurt your company?

Insights from Recruiters and Executives on how and when they use them May 2017 – Copenhagen, Denmark. The traffic lights on the financial highway are all turning green, and firms are starting to pick up speed. As the quest for speed has begun, firms are now trying to bring skilled employees onboard, to help them […]

The Cost of a Bad Hire (for employer and employee) and how to avoid it

March 2017 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In the Netherlands I have personally interviewed and met hundreds of potential candidates over the last 15 years. A Recruiters knowledge of a market he/she masters runs deep . . . and as such it puts the Recruiter into the position of being able to collect news, information and […]

Digital Transformation: The impact on people management

January 2017 – Reading, United Kingdom. Technology and the adoption of technology in the workplace is at a higher tempo than ever. Today every company and their employees are influenced and subsequently effected by digital adoption and transformation. Whether you work in a start up or a major household brand, you will be experiencing dramatic […]

Social Media Recruitment. What is the impact on professional recruiters?

January 2017 – Stuttgart, Germany. Traditional recruiting methods have served well in the past to deliver the resources companies need to achieve their business goals. Social media is increasingly becoming the space where professional life happens. Social media today is heavily used by companies and recruitment professionals to promote their brands and to find talents. […]

Making your recruitment a hit – Don’t forget the Cultural fit – 5 tips

November 2016 – Stockholm, Sweden I recently attended a seminar in a “Think Tank format” for entrepreneurs and business leaders here in Stockholm – the subject was communication and we had very broad and interesting discussions. Culture eats strategy for breakfast every day… One conclusion that really caught my attention was the old expression “Culture eats […]

CSA launches a new BLOG section

CSA Blog We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new CSA BLOG section within our website. This new section will be an open space where each month a CSA member will bring and share his/her expertise and experience and put it at the entire disposal of our candidates and clients. We hope […]

CSA announces new Partners in Germany

Frankfurt, October 24th 2016 – IT-Personalberatung Dr. Dienst & Wenzel GmbH & Co. KG   joins as CSA Partner in Germany. Continental Search Alliance (CSA) is pleased to announce that IT-Personalberatung Dr. Dienst & Wenzel GmbH & Co. KG , a well-recognized executive search firm in Germany, has joined CSA and officially becomes CSA Germany. The […]

CSA France hiring in Middle East, Dubai.

Oct. 2016 – Paris, France. CSA France has launched an international search for a very interesting role. A leading CPG Group is hiring a newly created position of Senior IS Director for Middle East. If you are interested please check full details at: