Gartner BI & Analytics Leader


A US based SaaS market leader in BI & Analytics, serving the Fortune 500, approached CSA Asia partner to expand their Asia operations.

1. Objective:

To hire a Sales VP in China to grow the sales across the Greater China region (China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) with WOFE set up experience for non-China based companies

2. Challenges:

While our client is an established player in US and EMEA, they are just starting to scale sales operations in Asia with a small outfit in Singapore. To expand to the north Asia region, they wanted to hire a leader who has the cultural fit, regional network expertise, great leadership to bring a nascent Asia business up. Lastly, this leader needs to have experience setting up a Wholly Owned Foreign Entity (WOFE) experience and possess strategic foresight coupled execution power to stand out amongst the numerous local BI players in China.

3. Resources:

CSA APAC Principal Consultant


Out of the talent map for SaaS leaders with foreign MNCS experience leading growth in Greater China, we narrowed down to less than 20 potentials with WOFE experience. The process took 2.5 months, 6 candidates submitted were all shortlisted, the eventual leader accepted and stayed on the role for the next 3 years.