Global Financial Platform SaaS Vendor


A global SaaS company providing a cloud-based financial platform solution to Enterprise clients. Typically targeting the Top 100 Enterprises in every main country in Europe. UK, Benelux, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Nordics.

1. Objective:

Establish or expand simultaneously new sales and presales teams across Europe with very specific skills and/or market knowledge.

2. Challenges:
  • Not a very well known or established brand
  • Lack of internal resources
  • Recruitment peak with quality volume
    • recruitment/headhunting activities,
    • needing flexible resources, coordinated
    • across different countries with a similar
    • and repeatable service
3. Resources:

CSA team in Benelux, Spain, France, UK, Germany and Italy (up to 15 Consultants).


Recruited in a very tight market space, niche specialists in Sales and Presales (45+). Scaled up search team organically according to Recruitment work-load and speed required.

Appointed an Account Director within CSA to supervise SLA across Europe and maintain high level of service.