IT Monitoring and Observability to the FSI


A global fast gorwing IT Software/SaaS vendor providing Observability soutions to enterprise clients worldiwde. Their target stakeholders are typically CIO/CTO/CSO at very large enterprises.

1. Objective:

Expand the sales teams across specific Europan countries (France, Norway, Netherlands) with Enteprise Sales experts with a proven strong netwok of contacts at CXO level within the Financial Services industry.

2. Challenges:

Market had been worked out already by a strong internal team and it is a tight market. Strong comptition from other vendors with similar solutions. Select candidates based on an actionable CXO portfolio of contacts to sell multi million deals.

3. Resources:

CSA team in Norway, Netherlands and France.


Recruited in a very tight market space the target candidates by adopting our typical cross country search and recruitment capability. Recruited within agreed timeframe Sr Enterprise AM in Oslo, Amsterdam and Paris.