Swedish Fintech Pioneer in Italy


A leading Swedish multinational company, fintech platform that provides the infrastructure and value-adding data products that are enabling the future of financial services.



  • Unknown brand in Italy.
  • Exploring an industry, The Open Banking business, in Its early stages.
  • The Client's ambitious expansion plans needed the creation of a new startup branch and the hiring of key professionals in Business Development, Account Management and Pre-Sales roles. All with a deep understanding of the fintech industry and innovative technology trends.

The mission was to build a dynamic team capable of driving growth and innovation in the Italian market.


  1. In-Depth Needs Assessment & Customized Talent Search: The CSA Team worked closely with the Italy Country Manager coming from the Swedish HQ. There was a mutual and continued  exchange: she gave to us a profound understanding of the requirements, industry nuances, and strategic vision for the Italian start-up, and we offered our specific knowledge of the Italian market and candidate culture. Using our local expertise, we conducted a targeted search for top-tier talent in Italy, ensuring candidates were not only highly skilled but also aligned with the client's culture and goals.
  2. Recruitment Process & Engagement of the candidates: We facilitated a seamless recruitment process, assuring a brand promotion/ awareness activity on behalf of the client and providing continuous support and feedback. The great added value in this case was given by our advisory approach and by carrying out an intense evangelization of their core business which was in early stage in Italy.



The Italian startup quickly gained traction and positioned itself as a top player in the local fintech sector. The startup team enabled our client to forge critical partnerships, drive business development, and effectively cater to the needs of Italian clients.