Nordic Audio company in Japan and Germany


Dirac is a Sweden-based technology company specializing in digital audio optimization solutions. They sought to expand their operations into new markets, particularly in Germany and Japan. Dirac's growth ambitions necessitated the acquisition of high-quality talent across various roles within these regions.


Dirac faced the challenge of identifying and recruiting top-tier candidates who possessed the unique skill sets and cultural fit required for their expansion plans. They needed a trusted recruitment partner with a global reach, particularly in Germany and Japan.


Dirac engaged Continental Search Alliance to assist with their recruitment needs in Sweden, Germany, and Japan. Continental Search Alliance's extensive network and local partners in these regions positioned them as the ideal choice to facilitate Dirac's talent acquisition efforts.

Key Steps:

  1. Collaboration with Swedish Partner: Continental Search Alliance leveraged its existing relationship with their Swedish partner to kickstart the recruitment process. The Swedish partner, well-versed in Dirac's requirements, played a pivotal role in coordinating efforts.
  2. Market Analysis: Continental Search Alliance conducted a comprehensive analysis of the talent markets in Sweden, Germany, and Japan. This involved identifying the most suitable industries, organizations, and candidates for Dirac's specific needs.
  3. Tailored Search Strategy: A tailored search strategy was crafted for each market. This included the creation of a candidate persona and job descriptions for every role to ensure alignment with Dirac's expansion objectives.
  4. Global Reach: Continental Search Alliance utilized its international network of partners in Germany and Japan to expand the search. This approach enabled them to tap into local talent pools effectively.
  5. Candidate Assessment: Rigorous candidate assessments were conducted, focusing on technical skills, cultural fit, and alignment with Dirac's values and vision.
  6. Client Collaboration: Dirac remained closely involved throughout the process, providing valuable insights and feedback to refine the candidate selection.


Through Continental Search Alliance's strategic approach and international reach, Dirac successfully recruited high-quality candidates in both Sweden and their new markets in Germany and Japan. The collaboration resulted in:

  • A streamlined recruitment process that saved Dirac time and resources.
  • A diverse talent pool that brought fresh perspectives and expertise to the company.
  • Strong alignment with Dirac's expansion plans, ensuring the selected candidates could contribute to the company's growth.