French Luxury brand, Revolutionizing Data Strategy


In a rapidly growing fashion house with multi-billion euro revenues, part of a renowned global luxury group, a groundbreaking transformation was underway. This celebrated brand, known for its elegance and innovation, recognized at the C-Level the pivotal role of data in shaping its future. The very Chief Financial Officer of this brand aimed to harness the power of data at all levels of the company to serve concrete business needs, from product development, pricing, supply chain management, stock optimization, finance, and, of course, customer knowledge.


Embracing the Data Revolution

The brand set out to develop a robust data strategy, acknowledging that harnessing data intelligence was the key to staying ahead in the highly competitive fashion industry. With no prior in-house data capabilities, they faced a daunting challenge: building two teams – one comprising data scientists and the other dedicated to data technology platforms – and scaling up from 0 to 10 skilled professionals in just 6 months. This endeavor included hiring two key leaders: Data Science Director and a Head of Data Platform.


A Joint Force of Data Pioneers

To meet their ambitious goals, the brand embarked on a strategic partnership with our CSA Executive Search arms in France, supported by key CSA partners in NL and Italy, by harmonizing the experience in the IT/digital and luxury retail markets. Together, they handpicked a diverse team of data experts, combining technical proficiency with a deep understanding of the fashion industry. These teams worked in unison to deliver actionable insights and innovative data solutions.


Empowering Business Excellence

The transformation was swift and impactful. In a matter of months, the brand evolved from data novices to trailblazers. Their joint teams of data scientists and data technology experts became integral to the decision-making process, serving critical business needs in supply chain management, product development, retail, and finance. The data strategy not only enhanced the brand's agility but also empowered them to tailor their offerings to customer preferences with unprecedented precision.

As they continue to embrace the power of data, this fashion house proves that even the most storied traditions can benefit from innovation. This journey serves as a testament to the transformative potential of a data strategy, with their sights set firmly on a future where luxury and technology harmonize seamlessly