Fintech Spanish Unicorn in Asia


A Spanish unicorn, a groundbreaking company in the leisure and entertainment industry, looking to expand its footprint in the Asian markets, with Korea as primary targets.

In the dynamic landscape of international business collaboration, blending cultures can unlock unprecedented potential. This case study illuminates the fruitful partnership between the Spain and Japan CSA Offices, which resulted in the recruitment of key Country Manager for Korea to spearhead expansion in Asia's leisure industry.


  • The brand, though a unicorn in Spain, was relatively unknown in the Asian markets.
  • The leisure industry in Asia, particularly in Korea, boasts distinct cultural nuances and high competition.
  • To successfully penetrate these markets, the client aimed to hire a Country Manager for Korea who not only had comprehensive market insights but also the capability to integrate Spanish innovations with local preferences, thus ensuring a blend of cultural sensitivity and innovative drive.



  1. Bridging Cultural Differences & Precise Market Understanding: Our team collaborated with key stakeholders in both Spain and Japan. The Spanish side provided a deep insight into the company's core values, strategies, and aspirations. In return, our Japanese counterparts brought forth an understanding of the local leisure industry, cultural preferences, and market dynamics. This synergy ensured that the search was not just for top-tier talent but also for individuals who could harmonize the brand's essence with local tastes.
  2. Recruitment Dynamics & Candidate Engagement: We undertook a comprehensive promotion campaign to elevate the brand's presence in the target markets. This was coupled with an intensive recruitment drive, emphasizing the unique opportunity to fuse Spanish innovations with Asian market dynamics. Continuous feedback loops, timely updates, and a transparent process ensured that candidates felt valued, and the client remained in the loop at all stages.



The client successfully established its brand in Korean leisure markets. With the leadership of the newly onboarded Country Manager, the brand witnessed rapid growth, formed strategic alliances, and created experiences tailored to the unique tastes of each market.