Tier 1 Supply Chain Software Vendor


A Tier 1 globally recognised software vendor who produces supply chain systems and omni-channel commerce solutions, primarily to the enterprise retail, CPG and fashion and manufacturing sectors.

1. Objective:

Attract top tier talent over multiple countries (UK, Spain, France) using local search resources in those countries which are delivered as one message across the regions. Improving candidate experience and delivering a positive market message was equally essential (Global messaging with local knowledge). The client also wanted to take the opportunity to improve the efficiency and pace of hiring.

2. Challenges:

Due to the client being the best of breed in what they do and having a superb network, we were tasked with locating both quality and quantity of prospective talent which was previously unknown to the client. This would require a forensic level of market mapping and identification of potential talent • Would the client actually allow us to drive the momentum that was required to improve the pace of hires. (Sometimes changing a deeply ingrained habit is difficult, especially within large organisations).

3. Resources:

CSA teams in UK, France and Spain (up to 19 consultants)


Not only did we uncover previously unknown talent from relevant competitive software companies, we proved that you can hire effectively from other environments that are associated with the client’s market.

In this instance we hired talent from software vendors, from industry (retailers) and from Tier 1 strategy and consulting firms (all of whom had an intimate knowledge of supply chain systems and our client’s technology stack). We also dramatically increased the time to hire and ensured all candidates received a superb candidate experience which created positive brand association.