Top Security Software Vendor


Our client, one of the top 3 largest security company in the world, partnered with CSA Asia office to hire a CTO/CISO for APJ based either in Singapore or Australia.

1. Objective:

To hire a savvy security CTO with a great track record fronting CISOs, CEOs, CIOs across APJ, someone who has unparalleled thought leadership, superb people manager experience as well as a great media persona.

2. Challenges:

Most of the CTO candidates who are very good technically aren’t the best in their business impact conversations and vice versa. Finding a CTO leader with that balance, someone who understands the pain points of their audience, have enough technical cuts to lead a highly experienced team of presales and evangelists involves a lot more work. In-depth qualification for people skills, sifting through the candidate’s career experience to determine their range of security knowledge, going through videos of recorded footage to verify their media charisma before we approach them are just some examples.

3. Resources:

CSA APAC MD and Senior Researcher


With carefully calibrated filters, the talent map consists of 83 people to qualify, leading to 6 people to pitch where 4 are shortlisted and interviewed. The process took 3 months (including Chinese New Year holidays) and the final candidate was an exceptionally outstanding hire for the company.