World Top 10 Largest Tech Vendor


Our client, one of the top 10 largest technology company in the world, partnered with CSA Asia office to rebuild their Singapore based hub. This client houses a large team of multi-lingual digital sales team whose remit is to grow mid-market revenue across ASEAN and Korea.

1. Objective:

To hire a team of Korean speaking Digital Sales based in Singapore to cover mid-market customers in Korea. The search process needs to provide data on talent pool size as well as Diversity & Inclusion considerations while keeping very close to the requirements of driven digital salespeople with great track record within tech space.

2. Challenges:

The various requirements made the applicable talent pool very small of less than 130 people. With immigration slow down due to the COVID situation, the pool has dwindled as a portion of the candidates return home to Korea. Lastly the talent pool populated is largely skewed towards a certain made-up, hence more angles of search are needed to make sure the talent submission is well represented across various considerations.

3. Resources:

CSA APAC Principal Consultant and Senior Consultant


The mapping and analysis of the talent pool, while tedious to put together, made the qualification of the candidates much clearer. There were recalibrations where we helped our client expanded the talent pool by opening up to another potential pool that the client is happy to train. The process took 3 months with 100% shortlist rate.