Across the CSA we have expert Consultants who are highly trained in analysing and assessing candidate capabilities to generate the most accurate shortlist of candidates for every search we are engaged on. In addition, many of our Consultants are trained in a range of psychometric tools including Talent Q. We provide clients with expertise in developing candidate profiles, creating role specifications and advanced assessment of prospective candidates’ capability and fit for the role. This assessment process provides a more objective measure of a person’s competencies, abilities, personality and motivations ensuring our clients gather the most complete picture of the candidate and avoid costly hiring mistakes..

Executive Coaching

Company Executives face change daily within their organisations and are frequently expected to adapt to meet those challenges head on. Business leaders are expected to have all the answers. The most effective companies recognise that their Executives often require support to continue to be effective are operate at their pinnacle. The CSA provides one-to-one business coaching from highly trained professionals that aid our clients leadership, ensuring they can effectively respond to change, harness opportunity and achieve their own personal and business objectives.

Executive Search & Recruitment

The Continental Search Alliance (CSA) has extensive Pan-European reach and capability to complete executive searches in 15 European countries. Our Consultants work from 9 regional offices, with in-country knowledge and unrivalled networks, they all possess deep knowledge and training in relation to candidate assessment, attraction and retention of the most business critical talent, from CxO through to senior individual contributors across all key business functions.

New Hire On-boarding & Coaching

It is a reality that successful candidate assessment and recruitment can sometimes be undone by ineffectual candidate onboarding. The first three months of a new employees career is critical to both short and long term success, yet structured onboarding is frequently ignored or has little emphasis past the first week of a new hire. The CSA provides consultancy to create the appropriate structure and transparency to affect successful on-boarding, ensuring each new hire has the most positive impact in the shortest period of time.

Regional Talent Mapping

When clients wish to gain a deeper understanding of the talent landscape, based on role function or region, the CSA can provide research expertise to help pinpoint the best people according to role profile, competency or locality. Our experienced research team, who reside across all of our offices, provide a deep insight into the European talent landscape. The CSA research team regularly works in support of clients in-house recruitment function providing strategic resource in identifying EMEA wide talent.

Remuneration Analysis & Benchmarking

The CSA can provide accurate market intelligence on remuneration and benefits benchmarking, both on a Pan-European level or more localised in-country advice. Local intelligence can prove critical in successfully securing the best people. Being market competitive in terms of remuneration and benefits is often the final piece of the jigsaw in becoming an employer of choice. The CSA has the research capability to accurately capture, analyse and compare remuneration levels.